“Fu*k that sh*t, cause I ain’t the one/for a punk motherfu**er with a badge and a gun” (Ice Cube)

“If you don’t know me by now you’ll never know” said Phife in “We can get down” and basically you can say the same about the founder of Mthrfckr. Welcome ladies and gents to a milestone of Italian skateboard history. A man whose tale of determination is quite unique, Mr Fabio D M in his young years went to Buena Vista in San Diego and had the experience of his life: he had the chance to ride those Boys Club ramps and to get some skateboarding done on halfpipes. Real ones, not some mini where even a street skater can ride. He got fascinated to a point that in his mind that was the ultimate experience of fun that he neded in life. Last thing you know, he got hooked, went home in his little town in the south of Italy by the sea and in his garden he… built his own halfpipe. That same halfpipe where he had the cover of XXX skateboard magazine back then. How do I know him? Italian scene was tight and well connected plus I worked as an assistant editor over at XXX, so we had the chance to meet him where he lived and I interviewed him. Time passes, I heard that he founded a company but his business slipped off my radar to be honest. Social networks have a lot of weak points but sometimes they can actually work for what they were created for: to socialize. I saw his profile, became friend with him a couple of years ago and we had the chance to chat a bit so we updated our informations. His company is doing well and it also supports a surf open at Marinedda bay in Sardinia. Don’t think that he crossed over and he forgot where he comes from, you will see some Mthrfckr skate decks reviewed here soon. In the meantime what I had the chance to put my hands on are these 100% cotton shorts called York. Once a rider, forever a rider, so Fabio knows that to perform well you’d better have something comfy, lightweight with pockets where you need them. Print on the left front pocket and embroidery on the back right leg, this cotton short with a loose fit looks like the allround solution for every youngster with attitude. Use these to skate or to take that Inter Rail train that will make you tour Europe for the first time: no matter where you go, people will see the Mthrfckr in you!

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