Future primitive

Steve Nesser, Huf, Sal Barbier, Nick Tershay, Chris Nieratko, Gino Iannucci, The Muska, Kerry Getz, Ed Selego, JB Gillet, Stevie Williams and now Paul Rodriguez. What am I talking abut? Shops! The man behind the concept is a skateboarder, giving to his creation his own flavour.
Being wonderboy P-Rod a creator of masterpieces in form of skate tricks, he brought this level to a shop: enter Primitive. Located in Encino, CA, this shop is far from the LA shopping area. This means you have to go there because you want to, not because you pass by. Smart move.
With a motto that says “We carry more Nike SB than anybody else in the world”, this is destined to become your favourite high end street shop.
There is a strong visual impact due to the abundance of green neon in the shop and this makes it special and classy. So special that The Hundreds alread had a collabo and next in line is Diamond with a tee and a New Era cap. So classy that The Skateboard Mag this month dedicates to it a “Storefront” page. Store in the front, let your Nike SB stomp!

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