Genesis ● Low Cow Suede

The German brand called Djinns has more than an ace up its sleeve. Being its deal nothing but headwear and footwear, how could I not be magnetized by their collections? Beside an endless range of headwear pieces and sneakers that have a definite taste, the brand recently had an inspiration from back, way back.

Calling the new brand under the Djinns umbrella Genesis Footwear, the target of this division is to give new life to classic designs that never get old. I know, when you hear Genesis all you think of is Nas first track on its masterpiece album “Illmatic” and, what a coincidence, the Queens MC loves to wear shoes with a very similar design. If we talk hip hop culture a lot of prominent MCs sooner or later has been spotted wearing this kind of shoes, from Ghostface to Pharrell via Kanye West and Drake.

Recognizing hands down the importance of the original silhouette of this kind, Genesis is here to give you a new perspective on footwear with the Low Cow Suede. The shoe that you may found back in the early 90s on the feet of the dapper individuals, shopping at the Village in New York city, is now living a new life.

Produced entirely in Spain, this style is an harmonic blend of cow suede, leather and crepe rubber. I especially love the “sneaker touch” of the label on the back. Gold on black makes it precious and honestly, this shoe is a winner in any season and can get along well with a colorful Summer outfit or with a more dressy style.

Go check Genesis page on Djinns website and stay ready for upcoming juicy colorways. Remember: no future without Genesis.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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