Genesis ● Sub Age Lux Wine

When we talk footwear it’s like venturing in a jungle nowadays. So many brand making all the shoes you need, plus some. You know what makes shoes stand out nowadays? Concepts! It’s full of comfortable shoes everywhere you look but you want the extremely rare ones, the sneakers that you saw on your favorite artist or the skate shoes that such pro skater was wearing on that Thrasher cover.

Genesis saw a niche in footwear that could no longer be left empty: high quality materials and timeless designs. Most of the shoes available on the market are made in China or Korea while this brand is entirely manufactured in Europe, Spain to be exact.

Genesis is the subdivision of Djinns, the German “footwear and headwear only” brand that we saw quite a few times here on The Maxiemillion. It was actually born to celebrate Djinns 15 years anniversary.

It’s not the first time that we get to see in detail a pair of Genesis. Remember that Low Cow Suede that we saw here at the end of Summer? It’s a totally different silhouette but both styles share the need to bring back superior casual shoes for your leisure time.

We are not talking about ultra performing sneakers but rather shoes made with premium suede and a leather lining like in the case of this Sub Age Lux.

It’s your typical low top skate shoe design. Easy to break in as soon as you slip your feet in, this style is discreet, with the stitched short lace loop on the side (like we saw it on the Low Cow Suede) and the branding in small letters on the heel.

Calling this colorway Wine for obvious reasons, the Sub Age Lux is also available in a shade of light brown called Wheat. If you found your way in the jungle after reading this, all you have to do is browse Genesis website to check more options.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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