“Gettin through those rainy dayz/gettin through those rainy dayz/I lost him to the street life” (Raekwon)

I hate rain. Straight up. Nothing beats a sunny day. California would be the dream place to live if it wasn’t that far from Italy and if it wasn’t for the American way of life that doesn’t correspond to my lifestyle very much. I’m not rich, so I wouldn’t get chicks there. To impress the ladies you can’t go below a Beemer or a Benz, Bentleys are ok and so are Gallardos. I own a Citroen C3 so there I may end up goin’ out with a short Mexican chick all hairy. In Berlin (Germany) there is not that car pride we’re talkin’ about. People finds the public transportation alright at winter and is well happy about the official transportation of the summer months: bycicles. Another thing that makes the Berlin population happy, during rainy days is the possibility to cover their torso with fine pieces like this Irie Daily Bacon Hooded jacket, courtesy of Double H distribution. The shimmery material of this thin nylon construction makes you smile at the rain and makes you shine not invain. Shining you look good, if you look good on your bicycle, nice creative Berlin chicks with original haircuts, pale skin and hot smiles may be interested in your persona even if you’re only in charge of two wheels. I may have titled this post “Yo, bum rush the show” for all I know. To be instead of to have, that’s the game here. Irie Daily puts you in a position to enjoy life, look good and still have money in your pocket to buy you and your newfound female friend a beer while you discuss what did u do at the studio last night and what dj spin at Watergate a couple of days ago. You got it right: this piece appeals to music fans. Being this brand from Berlin it’s inspired by what goes down there and this means a bunch of music: electro, ragga, hip hop, techno. No matter your choice, rock this jacket and people would stare at you. If you look at it a little bit more it would make you dance, no matter where you are. Just make sure there is some music around, not just in your head.

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