Globe ● Mahalo Mark Appleyard Pro Model

If there is a professional skateboarder that is synonymous with timeless street style to me, that is Mark Appleyard. I had the chance to bump into the man twice. First when Transworld shoot Videoradio here in Europe and I was there to see our man in action at Milan Central station first and at Salussola skatepark later.

Fast forward a few years and I saw him skate again, at a Globe demo in Berlin this time. His team mates back then were Luan Olivera, Louie Lopez and Chris Haslam and he skated close to them well aware of his potential.

He did it with so much finesse that not only you could trust this man, but you have no chance but love the way he moves on and off his skateboard.

C’mon, the man left his mark (no pun intended) in legendary skate videos, never bragged a bit, always with a smile on his face. How on this earth can you ever front on Apples?

That’s why Globe is proud to present the new colorway of his pro model dubbed “The Mahalo” dedicated to Mark Appleyard skateboarding skills.

Who said that essential lines mean basic? These Globe skate shoes are the ideal solution for those that look for board feeling, if you consider that its Shockbed insole is slimmer in the medial area to get thicker on the heel. In this way it may cushion the impacts of landings easily but you can feel your deck when you are setting up for a trick.

With a low profile vulcanized design, slightly padded on the collar, you have Globe’s Super-V outsole to guarantee the ideal traction, while the upper is made of shaved suede and canvas. A brilliant and classy pinstripe canvas to be exact.

The smooth lines of this silhouette include a little woven label whose red tone makes it pop against its black background. Time for you to use this style to make your deck… pop from the ground. Get in touch with RNG Distribution to know where is the closest Globe dealer in your area.

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