Globe x Dead Kooks ● Dover

I have a deep feeling with sneakers. I don’t consider myself a sneakerhead but I can proudly say that I wore pretty much everything on my feet. No matter if it was skate shoes for a session, lifestyle sneakers to profile at the supermarket or running sneakers to go clubbing, I very rarely wore boots and even more rarely leather men’s shoes.

I consider myself free. I don’t have any “must have” in my list, nor I feel like a slave to the influence of certain sporting goods: I wear what I like, if I feel like.

Such introduction was mandatory to tell you that the Globe shoes called Dover that we are checking out today are absolutely smashing. Totally dope. Really awesome. Who else could ever have a vision of an hybrid among slip on vulcanized skate shoes and a pair of Chelsea boots?!

Well… Eden Saul had! The Australian iconic surf shaper took matters into his own hands for the Globe x Dead Kooks collaboration and the result includes this pair of out of the ordinary skate shoes, whole level of finesse speaks volumes to me.

Eden says that his surf brand means nothing really but I can see clearly the message in this collaboration: think beyond clichés! Who said that tie dye only needs to exist on your do it yourself socks or on your t-shirt? Here the much en vogue pattern is declined in its elastics and in the lining of the heel pulls. This alone makes these skate shoes stand out.

Details make this Dover fascinating. From the flames on the outsole to its tie die insoles, I can see the innovation that keeps the fun factor relevant at the same time, just like it always happens when you talk about Globe.

As far as fit, it is wrapping like a glove, easy to break in but still feeling stable. I think that getting your exact size plays a crucial part in wearing this style.

With this said, go pay a visit to a shop that belongs to RNG Distribution roster and try them there, have a little talk with the shop assistant, exchange informations in a friendly way, because this is what skateshops are for. Shaka, bro!

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