Globe x Thrasher ● Starter The Natural snapback

I couldn’t hide under a rock anymore: skate brands are feeling Starter. I feel skate brands (not all of them, some more, some others less). According to the transitive property therefore, I feel Starter. I leave poetic justice for this brand for next week, stay tuned and you will see. Getting down to business, what we have here is a Globe shoes cap in collaboration with Thrasher magazine, manufactured by Starter. This means that Globe and Thrasher sat down, had a few brews together, brainstormed on modern edge, good ole days, snapbacks over fitted and all that jazz and they decided that the time was right to put their forces in motion and to give birth to a “fresh meets hesh “cap. Officially distributed by SRD here in this corner of Europe called Italy, this came into my hands with hard work. Globe Europe was having this giveaway on Facebook where they asked you to post a skate slam picture and fans of the brand should vote their favourite. I posted a picture of my friend Flow S mid air about to fall with his back on a rail that I thought was tight. Wicked, if you let me say that. Simply on point. But you know how things go, you don’t always get first place. As Giovanni Reda says, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Ladies and gents, what you get here on the head of Stefi P is the prize for third place in that giveaway. Globe is doing great lately: from the new clean style of their kicks to the team that represents their brand, I’d say that their moves are as flawless as a Luan Oliveira line. The design here is representative of that rough style that has a broader appeal these days than it had before, when people was scared of skulls. Thrasher magazine needs no introduction if you’re into skating. Milestone of the progression of the skateboard scene, it has done an excellent job over the decades to report all the different aspects of the much diverse race known to the world as skateboarders. No matter if it’s a flip combo on a ledge, an OG pool session or Chris Haslam mini ramp craziness, they’re in love hopelessly with skateboarding and they don’t show sign of stopping anytime soon. Good partner, Globe!

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