God save The Maxiemillion!

Do you remember Brand Nubian? When they came out with “Punks jump up to get beat down” it was a masterpiece and still is to this day. Funk Flex sampled a loop from it for “6 million ways to die”, not by accident. It wasn’t a song about punks in the sense of leather-jacket-wearing, mohican-rocking, sex-pistols-loving people. It was directed to people that lack in style and talk too much. Nothing is wrong with the above mentioned movement as a concept: be rebellious, don’t take anything for granted and always try to see the other side of any truth they give you. What is wrong with punk is the commercialization of it, the emo movement, clone rebels straight outta your skateshop. This means lack of his raw power. Visually speaking nowadays we owe a lot to this way of life turned into fashion. This may be seen in cases as LL Cool J rocking Affliction t shirts with skulls or skulls as a belt buckle for our favourite baller Jim Jones. Shall we talk about Mishka sampling punk images for their graphics?! We don’t have to. Nike SB got his punk on too with this Zoom Air Harbor. Being this blog an information channel 100% free from any pressure, there is no need to review the freshest things only or the editor fires the journalist and the photographer. Here the editorial staff, the writer and the photographer are composed of one person. So that’s what happened: I passed by New School shop, chilled for a minute and found these simple yet aggressive “fake punk” kicks. I fell in luv with them. There is nobody that can’t tell me that these came out in April 2008 and shouldn’t be reviewed. I wanna see the other side of the truth: these kicks are good looking exactely like they were one year ago. Doowutchalike like you were Humpty Hump, punk!

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