Golden Age – Fleece Patch crewneck

It doesn’t matter how many new music genres come out: nothing can beat that period in hip hop called Golden Age. Creativity and the need to push the progression of an art form, respecting its movement of people, is something strong but most of all unique. The people behind this brand were part of such movement that, according to Golden Age website, is comprised among 1987 and 1996. This entirely Italian project, from the design of the logo by Luca Barcellona to the production, is the result of the experience of a tight team that knows what is happening globally and wants to exploit this opportunity to the maximum. Give a look to this Fleece Patch crewneck that Daniele B is wearing. It may simply be “a heather grey crewneck” to some but for some others it’s like a white canvas for a painter: a starting point. This piece has the same fit and structure of that other WK crewneck that we saw here last February but it has been designed following a “less is more” plan. Not all of us want to wear bright colors on a loud piece like when we saw that Golden Age Coach Jacket. We may want to be discreet sometimes and this is the piece in that case: all the right details are here, from woven labels to jersey patch inside close to the neck area. There no way to deny it: Golden Age keeps on shining. Go to Moveshop if you want to try on this piece or get it online but be a leader and get it now, don’t follow your friends… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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