Green Oriental ● Chiodo

After we saw all types of bomber jackets for a few seasons, it is time for another classic jacket that never moved from streetwear: the leather jacket called Perfecto by Green Oriental.

Called in common Italian “Chiodo” [nail] because punks used to put all types of spikes on it, its origins go back to 1913 when the brothers Irving e Jack Scott started to craft by hand leather items. When a motorcycle owner asked them to create something functional to ride his bike they had the brilliant idea to put a zipper in the front. Little did they know that they were creating something that goes beyond the legend.

From Marlon Brando in his prime to Pharrell Williams lately, Perfecto is the jacket that is so rich in history I could write a whole book about it, not a blog post. But to tell things in a simple way, a leather jacket like this is just like a car: there are a zillion of them out there. I can’t include in this category the fake leather cheap ones created by fast fashion, just to ruin the reputation of this sacred garment.

Never put “Perfecto” and “fake” in the same sentence when you deal with Green Oriental: this is real leather, calfskin to be exact. It is a pleasure to wear this mid weight jacket, considering how protective it feels once you wear it. Its material is smooth but ready to resist to the abuse that city life can give to it.

Complete with zippers and pockets, and of course the classic belt, staying true to the original formula, the paradox of this jacket is that it is ready to adapt to all urban characters easily.

Are you into high fashion? Die hard punk? Trap fan? No problem, this jacket allows you to be yourself and dress just as you feel. On a closing note, it is called in this way because of the Perfecto cigars, the favorite brand of the two brothers. But this is reality, not smoke and mirrors: cop Green Oriental Chiodo from the source and you will be surprised by its extremely interesting quality / price rate.

Shop for this item at Green Oriental via Domenico Scarlatti 3 20124 Milano

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