GrenTech ● Spinner Skateboard

Who is a collector? A human being that has a passion for objects and his mission is to buy them in order to have a collection that he can look and touch and just enjoy the feeling of it. The godfathers of all collections are stamps and butterflies. Nowadays people may collect pretty much everything, considering the way society puts products under our nose: from cars to caps and everything in between. I like objects but I don’t consider myself a collector even if I have a collection of free skate stickers including some extra rare Rocco Sims or Gator Vision. I have a bunch of New Era 59 fifty but I don’t collect them, I just buy the ones I like and I’m very picky about it. I don’t have any vinyl toys, contary to what you may think. All the boards I used through the years are gone to wasteland and the three decks that hang on my wall are a Krooked Gonz (I love the Gonz, enough said), a Pacific Wear Lamandin (a shop deck with Iron Man as a graphic and you know I’m a Ghostface fan) and a signed Estevan Oriol with LA fingers (yes, you’ve seen it already around here). Never ever I felt the need to buy a deck to “collect” it. Up to the other day. This dude enters the shop where I work, telling me that he has some old school complete decks to sell, because his uncle dealt with toys so he imported a few skateboards from the States or something like that. Little did I know I was about to fall in love. He opened the back of his car and showed me his skateboard, telling me that he had a few more, if I wanted to buy one. Ladies and gentlemen, with much pleasure I introduce you something you have never seen before. GrenTech Spinner skateboard is a zombie from 1978. The purest definition of deadstock. 32 years of age for this item that just slept for decades in a warehouse, lost in a Bergamo valley. I told him I was interested on Saturday and by Monday he delivered in my hands this beauty. I’m not starting a collection now. This is something that I may consider a relic. This screams names like Tony Alva or Stacy Peralta to me. I can figure out a Hollywood pool full of long haired hippies carving over the light with this and thinking that they are the best. Now that I think of, they actually were the best.


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