Grizzly Griptape – Yosemite crewneck by Fresco Distribution

Torey Pudwill is the man. No longer the Skate More rookie kid, this grown up skates fast and furious. No rail or gap is safe from his attack: the smiling man with a beanie constantly sitting on his head will conquer everything in his path with mega pop and tech finesse. His griptape brand, Grizzly is a subsidiary of Diamond. This allowed Grizzly to grow up with his own definite identity but at the same time to follow the Diamond program. This means an extensive diffusion worldwide and a range that includes a bunch of cool accessories beside all the fresh clothing that you may need. Let’s give a look to the Yosemite Crewneck. Aggressive? Enough. Deja vu? Not really. While a bunch of brands played with animal prints in these last months, Grizzly played the game writing its own rules. The cool thing about a grizzly is that it can be a teddybear or a big wild animal, exactly like a skater may be happy if he had a good session or mad if the session hasn’t been productive and there was only a lot of stress. The thing in our case is that even if the bear here is roaring, the result is amazingly funny. This mens item that Lisa R is wearing has the same relaxed fit of the last Diamond crewneck that I reviewed. As far as style, it’s a way to bring out those camouflage items that you may still have hanging in your closet. Skate hard and stay on your Grizzly: Fresco Distribution can’t ask for more.

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