Gumball 3000 – Established Sweat crewneck

Gumball 3000 is the urban rally of urban rallies. You can’t compete with an organization that puts together top cars, first class celebrities and parties like you have never seen them. It all started with a man called Maximillion Cooper that saw an opportunity that was actually a development of his main passion: cars. In 1999 he created one of the strongest brands ever if you consider that in his own way he crossed over several targets. No matter if somebody told you that Tony Hawk was skating at one of the demos in a party or if you are a David Hasselhoff fan and you saw him driving one of the cars: you have heard of Gumball 3000 before. This Established Sweat that we are checking out today is celebrating the year when it all started. Beside the rally in itself that kept gaining momentum to this very day, even the clothing collection is on point and therefore a few crewnecks couldn’t miss from its range. The item that Veronica R is wearing has raglan cut sleeves for a better mobility and like in every crewneck that we all love there is that triangle stitched in front or the ring of the neck. A grey sweat with a black print like this has only a problem: you risk not to wear all the other ones that you have in your closet. I suggest you to think about it carefully and in case you are about to cop it on Gumball online shop get two instead of one, so when you wash it you have another one to wear… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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