Gumball 3000 ● Peace snapback black

How many times did you hear any hip hop fan saying good bye to his friends saying “Peace, God!”?! But Gumball 3000 is not a hip hop brand. You may find true hip hop heads like Bun B or Alchemist wearing Gumball 3000 because they are part of the celebrities doing the urban rally of all urban rallies that Gumball represents but here the focus is elsewhere.


On the cap worn by Ylenia G the logo is, quoting from the website of this brand, “inspired by automotive industry icons”. I don’t know who got inspired first but even our boys at Palace skateboards borrowed the logo from this automotive industry icon for a t-shirt. It’s always a matter of inspiration, never to copy: there is a subtle difference. When you copy you try to hide it, in the other case you want the world to smile at your vision. It’s all The Maxiemillion is about actually: to smile and to look on point. This snapback is the right one if you rely on classic styles considering that its shape is the… Classic Yupoong snapback that you got accustomed to wear through these last seasons. Still on your head, to be positioned in all types of ways according to how you feel, this Peace snapback drips flavor (and it doesn’t need the mechanics to fix it).


If you want to represent your love for the rally that will be on the road in 2017 from #RigatoMykonos, feel free to give a look to Gumball website because its webshop is fast and furious style wise and there is much more to peep. Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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