Gumball 3000 – Strictly G snapback + Bottom Line 3M t-shirt

Every time I lay my eyes on a new Gumball 3000 collection I get stoked about its fresh direction. Something like those Method Man bars in Rules “Y’all know the rules, we don’t f___ with fools man/How the f___ did we get so cool man?”. I know how they got so cool, man: true passion. I met Gumball marketing people and they are guys with the fever of the new just like me and you. If you think to the history of rallies even Gumball itself represents the freshness, compared to others. The urban evolution of a formula where not only cars are the reason that makes you want to follow but also celebrities, musicians, actors, the list is long. One of these celebrities is mrs Eve. Yes, the Eve that blew your mind in that song. Being married to Mr. Maximillion Cooper aka mr Gumball she gets to partecipate in this rally together with her husband. I couldn’t do nothing but notice that on Gumball 3000 Instagram the other day that she was rocking a Gumball snapback. Here it is, together with a Bottom line 3M® t-shirt, here worn by Linda C. The Strictly G snapback has the flawless structured 5 five panel type of shape that we love, featuring a green undervisor. Its 3D embroidery is pearly and its Gumball tab on the fastener keeps it official. This outfit is ninja ready material: the t-shirt has a 3M® treatment that is hard to see but it’s ready to reflect light when it should. Exactly the type of finesse that drives me crazy. Gumball keeps it fresh (and blows minds…). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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