Gunmetal Truck Manufacturing – Pistol 8″

As you may have already figured out for yourself, skateboarding is a bit like rap music: there are many different types of styles but they all belong to the same family. You have your NWA but even your De La Soul, you may enjoy Gangstarr but also the Alkaholiks without feeling guilty because all in all it’s just rap and it fits different moods, according to how you feel. So if one day you feel like a gangsta rapper and you want to land all your technical tricks, another day you may feel like a conscious rapper that likes cruising though cobblestones and uses his skateboard as a transportation medium. Different perspectives on several ways to have fun, that’s what skateboarding is all about. I have this sick cruiser shaped skateboard (that is not like plastic cruisers) in a corner, waiting for the right pair of trucks. I called Nitro Distribution and told them what I needed and they had no hesitation: the best choice for me was a pair of Gunmetal Truck Manufacturing Pistol 8″. Born out of a garage in Southern California, tested on the historic Santa Cruz Mountains, Gunmetal trucks stands for change. This brand developed a line of products specifically for a high-performance mini skateboard. Pistol 8″ combines contemporary geometry with old school styling and features squared-off retro hangers. Its Venom bushings make us go back to when skateboarder Zak Maytum poured its home made formula as a teenager and so he created them. Tested by the world’s top riders, Venom takes performance to the next level, keeping it smooth. Ready for this summer cruise?

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