Happy Socks ● Steve Aoki Cake Socks

More Steve Aoki means more fun. We started yesterday this 3 days special on his collaboration with Happy Socks and now we are up to the second installment. As you could see even yesterday from the pictures, there is a little triangle with this DJ iconic face on it. It’s the Steve Aoki Socks Box Set shaped like a slice of cake. Isn’t it a smashing concept?!

You may think it’s really outstanding, beside being funny but there is a little bit of our hero in such vision. If you have the chance to catch a live DJ set by Steve Aoki, you will probably see him at a point throwing a cake to somebody in the crowd. He did it quite a few times and his fans (but also him) love this to a point that took him to repeat such set-up.

That’s the science behind this pair of Steve Aoki Cake Socks worn by Alexandra D in these photos. You can see in the vivid pattern of these socks several cakes, most of them with the icon of the face like on the box.

Now that we are done with revealing “secrets”, we shall shift the focus on Happy Socks. I told you that recently I had the chance to see this brand at Pitti Immagine and from what I saw (and heard) I can tell you that it is gaining momentum. Not only socks but also underwear is now part of its range. In recent news Happy Socks just dropped a Keith Haring collaboration set that shows how this brand is authentic in keeping its items… happy.

I give you a rendez-vous tomorrow here for the third pair of socks of this collab and in the meantime remember that you can check this brand from Blue Distribution on Blakshop, where you can cop this and other pairs of socks (and they are all delicious just like a cake is…)
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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