Happy Socks ● Steve Aoki By Any Means Socks

Steve Aoki is a world class entertainer. Are you familiar with this popular EDM DJ? Yes, he is the brother of the model turned actress Devon Aoki… Nothing? You must live under a rock not to know that this LA based artist is constantly traveling the four corners of this planet, performing his vicious DJ sets. His show is irresistible, as he spreads the word of his credo (electronic dance music, that is) in a way full of energy and funny like no other.

This is the reason why this prominent figure that cites Bruce Lee among his influences has these socks to his name for Happy Socks. His music is happy indeed, so it all makes sense, in the fantastic world of The Maxiemillion.

Steve Aoki By Any Means Socks are closer to the Sex Pistols rather than to Diplo. The font used is rough and reminiscing of punk style. Exactly what is hot these days of ripped denim, boots and leather jackets. If we look closely we can read the name of his label “Dim Mak”, together with Malcom X claim “By any means necessary”. Our man loves this concept related to happiness and that’s where it all makes sense to have a pair of Happy Socks that carry his name.

This brand actually did way more: Happy Socks produced a set of three designs that I will review in three back to back posts, to bring more happiness in here. So you will see more pictures of Alexandra D rocking more ill socks by the Swedish brand that conquered the world with wide smiles and wild styles, just like Steve Aoki did with his music.

The whole set is available on Blakshop, together with a whole bunch of other Happy Socks that you can pick regardless of your musical taste, punk…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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