Happy Socks ● Steve Aoki On Tour Forever Socks

I got you stuck on this 3 days special on Steve Aoki collaboration socks with Happy Socks but it’s no surprise. This DJ has a worldwide fanbase, Happy Socks is a brand that made a name for itself for a few years now and last but not least the socks that Alexandra D is wearing are too ill not to love them.

After we saw the punk-inspired By Any Means socks two days ago and Cake socks yesterday, today is the turn of On Tour Forever ones. It’s pretty much self explanatory: Steve gets love from all over the planet and this means that promoters are constantly calling his booking agent. He may be in Belgium one day and in a couple of days he has to play his DJ set in Brazil. “You can try but you’ll never understand this/The lifestyles of the rich and infamous” was rapping Ice T in 1991 and this gives you pretty much the picture.

Steve Aoki figure is prominent among the DJs of the EDM scene. He even came to my city and I had the chance to witness firsthand the release of energy of his DJ set. That’s why this Los Angeles citizen is constantly in touch with this or that brand to get endorsement deals.

Spinning vinyls, airplanes, cakes, headphones and musical notes populate the colorful pattern of these Steve Aoki On Tour Forever socks. Once you own these you will feel a urge to attend an EDM festival, I have to warn you. Jokes aside, all you will want to do once you have this pair is the same with each and every pair by the Swedish brand: wear them showing how happy you are.

Now that you saw all three of them feel free to cop the Steve Aoki Socks Box Set shaped like a slice of cake on Blakshop but also feel free to peep the “making of” clip that I posted on YouTube of these dancing socks.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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