“Hard rock bone breaka/stoned raider, in the Temple of Boom, assert to assume” (B Real)

There is an ongoing revolution in the cap field. The retailer-friendly snapback takes out of the game the problem of fitted caps and their sizes, when you own a shop and you customer wants a size that you don’t have. Snapbacks here at New Era have a name that you will get familiar with real soon: 9fifty. You have seen the Jiggaman in that Otis video wearing one and you know that the Marcy Projects mc is a trendsetter with millions of fans ready to be lead. The man that chose Beyoncé as a girlfriend has been dropping excellent rhymes for decades and knows exactely that his life is about one thing: top quality. This cap follow the perfect shape standard that this brand got us used to through time. It looks like a 59fifty but it’s not and one size fits most. To be correct there are two sizes of this snapback for smaller and bigger dome pieces. But then again, let’s go back to the begining. Once upon a time there was this blasting emotion in hip hop called Public Enemy with two frontmen that were representing pure wisdom, street poetry and activism (Chuck D) and a friendly much needed crazy cousin (Flavour Flav). Unmatched beats in the history of rap provided by Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad were the musical backbone of this posse that wanted us to fight the power. A common denominator in their outfits was the presence of a Raiders cap. Me I was just putting my first steps in this wonderful world that we all know by the name of hip hop, so I got fascinated by that everpresent cap, being an emotional youngster and not the grumpy old man that I am today. Of course I had one back in the day and seeing this comeback strikes me hard. That’s why when we celebrated here the deal sealed among NFL and New Era with a post, I wrote in the text that I so wanted a Raiders 9fifty. It seems that, like in a perfect world, when you want something you’d better ask and in this case, it worked! Pierpaolo C, a regular reader of The Maxiemillion and last but not least New Era brand manager for Italy, kindly sent me the cap that I wanted through Fabio L. Add the magic of Ale B posing as a model for one day in a rainy afternoon and les jeux sont faites. The Maxiemillion: the only blog where you have to believe the hype.

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