“Hat cocked can’t see his eyes, who could it be?/with that new blue Yankee on, who but me?!” (Jay Z)?

Let’s put aside the fact that New Era 59fifty is a design that is often imitated and never equalled. Let’s put aside even the fact that New Era has the largest caps collection on this planet, going from NFL, NBL to skate/snow/urban brands making their limited designs, to EK line to appeal more classic tastes. Now the question is: what’s more classic than a New York Yankees 59fifty?! James Brown “I feel good?”? The Godfather movie? Vans Half Cab? Clarks Wallabees? If I could have a dollar for every rap dude and for every celebrity that has been spotted around wearing a plain Yankees cap, I’d be millionnaire by now. Casually even our friends from Zoo York thought it was a good idea to have a variation on the theme and put together the Z and the Y in the same style. That logo with the N and the Y is a contemporary standard. Imagine now that classic cap without any letter, any logo on the back, any contrast colour under the visor. Plain blue. Welcome to the New Era Original.This is for those who don’t like to be linked to a team or to a brand, for those that want their outfit to be focused on the tee shirt rather than on the sneakers and not on their cap. Get lost in the perfection of the lines of the design of this, calculations on how this cap should cover your dome piece have been made by experts, so you don’t have to worry about it, you just have to wear it. This can be considered an item suitable for an elite that doesn’t need their cap to speak for them, yet they want to have the best on their head. Yesterday, a New Era spokeperson for Italy, Gaspare Gentile aka King Gasp, posted on his Facebook page a link of the old One-o-one video, Falling down. There you can find an untouchable rider that goes by the name of Gino Iannucci that could be perfect for this cap, back in the day. All his part is shoot with a white tee like he doesn’t need a skate tee to have a better performance. Here it’s the same: what do you need letters on your cap for, if you just want to have a dope looking cap on your head?! Our friends over at Move shop care about your style so why should they suggest you a full print cap, with an overloaded design on your tee and maybe a zipper hoodie with more designs even there?! Clean. Proper. How nice do these words sound to me, it’s like a Bassi remix of Biggie Smalls. We are sticking to the classics, like somebody told us back in the day. History repeats.

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