Herschel Supply Co. ● Roy Wallet Coin

You may think that this wallet is your next object of desire and of course I am on your side but the reason why I am showing you this Herschel Supply Co. item is another. Don’t you remember that four months ago I showed you Odell Messenger? That item designed to carry your vital items through the city on daily missions (but even weekend essentials, if you plan to escape) was catching all the attention for its camouflage pattern alone more than for its effective functionality.


This Roy Wallet Coin is available in eight colorways and one of these is the same exact Brushstroke Camo of the messenger bag. It is a concept under our eyes for several seasons now: Herschel takes care of your travels with functionality, putting style as a priority. This is why you always have the trademark white and red striped lining in each and every item as an element of continuity that defines Herschel standard.


Having tested several of its items I can tell without a doubt that its ballistic nylon is durable and tough but here, like it is happening at several levels in urban apparel, camouflage stepped its game up.


The quite unusual Brushstroke camouflage went under a vintage treatment that made it more authentic but is its function that will make you a believer, payment after payment. Beside the compartment for your bills, you have a coin pocket with a flap complete of a press button that will make paying for parking or eating an ice cream a pleasure. Check the level of details: its button has custom branding and there is also the striped woven label on the corner that you got accustomed to see on every item by this Canadian brand.


Get equipped for your holidays starting from a new wallet. I can’t guarantee the equation “new wallet = new money” but I can guarantee that this item is available at Blakshop whose Herschel section awaits your online shopping. Then you can leave for holidays…


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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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