Herschel Supply ● Charlie Rfid Pastel Tie Dye

Who but me can tell you the pleasures of commuting on daily basis carrìng a Herschel Mini Wallet? I’ve been supporting this idea since the first time I posted 3 years ago Raven Wallet. You know how it goes, card after card, bill after bill, some wallets are heavy to carry in your pockets and you don’t want unwanted weight yet you need everything in its place.

Card holders are one thing, but these mini wallets are so comfortable to carry around and so captivatingly nice, that you risk to end up like me: I don’t settle for less: I want a small Herschel Wallet

For those days where just have to hit the city real quick without shopping so you need your licence and id handy and carry a couple of bills for a quick stop at the gas station, I tested Charlie Rfid Pastel Tie Dye and I couldn’t be happier about it. Its tie dye colorway brings a peaceful care free vibe to everything related to your economical affairs. It is not a luxe wallet: it’s a tool to travel stress free, following the credo of the brand.


This is not an accessory: it’s a stile saver. Slip it in your denim jacket and it won’t stick out, making you look on point to the last bit.


Take it out nonchalantly and you are showing off a light hearted flavor of the season (for a few seasons now): tie dye. Far from average this design is full of those pink and purple tones that represent a main traction among color palettes of sneakers and fleeces in shops now. Made of a tough ballistic nylon destined to endure a rugged lifestyle for long, feel free to throw this in your washing machine every once in a while without worries. Look how nice is the elastic branded bracelet that comes with it!


You know who is the best Herschel dealer in Italy, right? Blakshop! Browse extensively its Herschel Section and you will find from sustainable capsule collections to exciting sale deals. Just make sure that your pick doesn’t miss the fresh woven label with red and white stripes.

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