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Summertime means holidays and holidays need bags. Do you think of luggage as a secondary accessory or is it crucial, contributing to how other people perceive you? This post is for the those that firmly believe that every detail talks about you and because of this you want to hear people saying nothing but good things.

Herschel developed to the fullest the concept of “travel equipment”. No matter if you commute on daily basis or if you work from home going on holiday very rarely: when you travel everything has to be in its place, working in your favor. This lead me to choose Eco Nova Mid Kelp as a revolutionary backpack.

I see you scratching your head in disbelief, thinking that “it is just a backpack” and this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Starting from its look, such nude colorway called Kelp couldn’t be more on point, if you consider that not only it may easily match many sneakers colorways, but it’s also neutral. No matter if you dress in black or blue, if you love crazy patterns or if you keep your style essential: this goes with everything.

Now that we have this aspect out of our way we can talk about a feature that is key to truly understand the actual value of this item. It is entirely made of recycled PET. Waste streams become raw material in order to produce the backpack that you are looking at: its ballistic nylon canvas is made from 14 PET bottles.

This doesn’t lower the quality a bit, as I tested it for a couple of weeks now: the backpack is tough and its 18 liters capacity allow it to carry more of your world with you.

Hydrating is a priority so don’t worry about where to put your water bottle: there are two side pockets designed to do so.

Are you the biggest music fan? Put your water on one side and a bluetooth speaker on the other side. Of course you also have a laptop pocket that may carry every 15″ device.

Do your part and buy this backpack to support Herschel eco program: you can find it in Herschel section on Blakshop

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