Herschel Supply Co. ● Heritage Sleeve for 13″ MacBook

Herschel Supply Co. never ceases to surprise us with its unstoppable evolution. We saw a backpack by this brand when I first posted it on The Maxiemillion, then the organic growth of the brand took it to include headwear and wallets up to when we saw a couple of weeks ago a really fresh outdoor solution in form of a packable coach jacket but there is more.

A part of our life is there: in our MacBooks and Herschel knows how important is to take care of these digital devices. Among the many options with multiple coloways today we are picking up Heritage Sleeve 13″. With the class that this Canadian brand got us used to, this protective sleeve has all it takes to keep up with the high standard that is synonymous with Herschel.

Clean design, definite branding, functionality and progressive materials all come into play with this item. Its essential design has two crucial features. That timeless diamond in the center made of matte irregularly tumbled faux leather has an heritage that belongs to old hiking backpacks. Back in the day you could hang a carabineer there and in that way it would have always been handy, but nowadays it is just a retro touch that adds style points.

Its reinforced base is made of the same faux leather that in this way will make your sleeve last longer than an average one made of ballistic nylon only. But what about the protection level? Rest assured: Herchel wants your Macbook to be safe and this is why Heritage Sleeve is not only fully padded but also lined in fleece.

But as soon as you open it there is the signature striped fabric liner detail, that made you fell in love at first sight, as a sort of trademark feature. How can you not love that custom zipper too?

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