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Herschel Supply Co. evolution is something that stands out . If at the very beginning this brand originally from Canada had a proposal consisting mainly of backpacks and duffel bags, after a while it considered the actual development of its collection. Instead of being linked to the items in itself, Herschel understood its potential and it linked its brand to the concept of travel. With that came the opportunity to develop apparel that you should put in your bag “just in case” of bad weather and the same happened to headwear. A typical case of organic growth.

Now think of yourself commuting in public transportation through a big city that you don’t know well. What if they steal your wallet, sticking out of your back pocket? That would be a problem in an everyday situation, let alone while you are on holiday. Oscar Wallet, here shown in its Watercolour, allows maximum control over pickpocketers, letting you slide it inside your front pocket.

I tested already another Herschel item similar to this in the past, Raven Wallet, equally made of ballistic nylon with a few card slots, that represent a valid alternative to a classic wallet. What makes this one more suitable for me (read “personal opinion”) is the top zipper that allows you to put coins inside. Coins are never there when you need them for a coffee, or to pay for parking and Oscar helps you in this sense to keep them handy.

Now think of you going out to a party or to a restaurant (read “dressed with care”): you don’t want your thick wallet to stick out, so you just pick up from it a couple of banknotes, the right card, your driving licence, you put them in Oscar and you have nothing missing, but your fit is flawless.

No matter if you do it for safety or for fashion, Herschel is gonna save your life with this (or at least your silhouette). Now it’s time to browse Herschel section on Blakshop and focus on your favorite Oscar colorway: there are so many of them…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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