Herschel Supply Co. ● Packable Travel Tote

Herschel lives by your side. Any time you may need it, there is always a piece from their collection that you may find useful. Take this Packable Travel Tote for example. We are in that period of the year where you go out for some shopping, no matter if you don’t like it. Since you don’t want your son to know where you bought him his gift, you may want to switch bag and this is where this tote by Herschel comes handy. In a corner of your trunk or in your backpack you have this lightweight bag for any occasion, ready for the trick. In a more frequent situation you can use this item on daily basis to go buy your grocery without polluting the planet with a new plastic bag every day. But this tote bag has been designed actually with traveling in mind. It’s lightweight and we all know that rip stop fabric is very resistant. Unlike the average shopping bag this one has an inside pocket (the reversed side of the bag when it’s packed). Put it in a corner of your luggage, you will be happy to have it there when you least expect it. Before Blue Distribution sent me this, they sent me almost an year ago a backpack by this brand and I used it and abused it with my utmost satisfaction. For you to be satisfied about this item you have 4 other colorways, including camouflage. This means that no matter the colors of your outfit, Herschel is ready to live by your side with a proper style.

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