Herschel Supply Co. ● Raven Wallet + Frankfurt beanie

I don’t know if these things follow a scheme that I am not aware of but through the whole weekend I kept on hearing that “time flies when you are having fun”. Then on Monday I give you this post about Herschel Supply Co.

I first posted this brand on The Maxiemillion for the first time in February 2013. What once was “one of Blue Distribution new brands” in the meantime developed a very detailed range that includes important collaborations and apparel, opened up a flagship store in the heart of Milan and conquered step by step a brand awareness that is strong and well defined.

This time we get to see a couple of accessories from this Canadian brand: an extra small wallet and a folded beanie. Starting from Raven Wallet, I made it test on the ideal spot to Claudia M: in front of the ATM. She had no problem picking up a card to get some currency from one of the three slots available in the front. The dimensions may be little but the solid structure of this ballistic nylon and ripstop item makes it reliable and resistant.

Flip it and you can put the money you have just collected under the stainless steel clip that keeps your Euro bills handy.

With the typical clean style of this brand, the Frankfurt Beanie is ready to keep your delicate head warm. This heather grey colorway pairs up well whether your closet leans towards navy blues or blacks. It is slightly long if you don’t feel sailor style short ones.

In order to know more on the subject of this brand what you have to do is browse Blakshop at Herchel page. There you can find everything this brand produces: apparel, trail, sleeves, caps… the list is long and time flies when I’m having fun writing and my space left is over.
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