Herschel Supply Co. ● Sherpa Full zip

Ask me if there is one trend that really blew up this season and I will reply firmly: ” Sherpa“. Not only the OG denim jackets sherpa lined were seen under a new perspective these months (especially those with the wide 90s fit) but sherpa zipper jackets are making an earthquake.

I remember the very first I posted one year ago and it was another item by Herschel Supply Co. Called simply Sherpa Vest Men’s, the designers behind the sleeveless jacket of last year already had clear ideas on how a current item inspired by the 90s should be. That’s why the plum base of this jacket is the perfect contrast to the shade of pink that outlines this essential jacket.

Avoiding easy color palettes and recreating the authentic vibe of retro outdoor is not that hard but, like I was saying about it with a friend, it’s easy to add to the palette the wrong color and your efforts are vain. Pick the well balanced colorway and the right sherpa jacket can give a major boost to your style.

This Sherpa Full Zip is a jacket that Herschel envisioned as a travel complement, something to put in your trolley “just in case” (maybe paired with a lighter rain jacket) but, as it’s easy to figure out, it is something that you should wear in urban territory the more, the better.

Two deep hands pockets beside the zippered nylon pocket on top are on the low part of this item, close to the almost monochromatic branding, whose ton sur ton label is paired with a striped ribbon, for an absolutely flawless visual impact.

Being cool keeps you warm, I know that litterally it doesn’t make sense but… you get the picture. To buy online this jacket same place, same channel: no other shop has the same Herschel selection of Blakshop

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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