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Herschel Supply Co. puts the travel experience as a starting point. Of course when you travel you need a backpack, maybe a passport holder, a beanie just in case the weather gets cold but how about a jacket? When you travel you may go to a museum just like to a club, you go out to eat maybe using the public transportation and ideally you wear the same jacket to do all this.


Varsity Jacket has been designed thinking about all this. An item ready to get into all these different situations as a winner, this lightweight jacket is clean, cool and confident.


Playing a bit with the pairing camouflage / orange that has been around forever, here the colors have been stretched a bit. Camouflage has been substituted by Dark Olive while orange has turned into Cornelian, a color close to a salmon pink tone. The result is absolutely new and it turns out as a magnet for attention. Do you feel this colorway here worn by Halidou S too daring? No big deal, as it is also available in six more colorways, ready to match your personality.


Feel the finesse of its ribbed collar, cuffs and hemline. Travel safe with your wallet in your inside pocket big enough to carry your passport too. Fold it and put it in your backpack when it gets hot. Do you start to figure out the full potential of this jacket?


Everything has been polished to its last bit, from the tonal branding to its branded metal snap buttons, making this cotton / poly blend an option that you shouldn’t let pass if you are thinking about an all round item for city life.


Herschel approach to apparel is all this: functional and good looking with a minimal design that stands out for its clean lines. What you should do at this point is browse extensively the wide Herschel section on Blakshop and I bet that you will browse a travel website right after that…
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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