Herschel Supply Co. ● Roy Coin wallet

Herschel Supply Co. blew up here in Italy where I live, right under my eyes. It was February 2013 when I first posted a backpack belonging to this brand by Blue Distribution. The rise of this brand has been unstoppable and nowadays it can even count a flagship store in Milan.

You don’t do these things if you are screen printing a few t-shirts with your friends, so to say. Herschel came at the right time filling a void in luggage brands that we may generally call “lack of vision”. This Canadian brand gave the right push thanks to an extended collection, with items divided into several segments to fulfill the needs of different potential customers. From high end to school backpacks you can find your dream piece in Herschel collection because the inspiration is always there.

Exactly like it happened for me when I first saw this Roy Coin wallet. I don’t want to show off with a 600 euros wallet but at the same time every time I pull it out my pocket to pay I want it to represent right (read: I’m not terribly wealthy but I have taste). The Roy Coin may be little in dimensions but performs like a big boy: its internal pocket doubles so you can keep little precious items like a memory card in one and your coins in the other. You have three cards slots too but the striped trademark Herschel red and white lining steals the show every time.

Give a look to Herschel on Blakshop.com and you too may turn the wallet of your dreams into reality with one click…

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