Herschel Supply Co. x Independent Truck Co. ● Packable Tote

Time flies when you are having fun, they say and it couldn’t be more true. I’m saying this because I looked at an old post where I was giving exposure to an Herschel Supply co. item similar to this and it seemed yesterday but five long years passed in the meantime.


I still use that tote to this very day but as soon as I knew about the new Herschel Supply Co. x Independent Truck Co. collaboration was out I wanted something crispy to update my happy shopper style. As you may know if you are a regular reader of The Maxiemillion Herschel not only is a premium luggage brand but it also expanded including headwear and an outdoor line of apparel that we will see later on at the beginning of Autumn.


Here we focus on the Packable Tote, part of the above mentioned capsule. Don’t let me go sentimental on Independent: those were my trucks when I bought in 1988 my Powell Peralta Vallely, so not only I appreciate and support what Herschel is doing but I have a deep respect for Independent, beside being fascinated by its iconography.


This item can’t wait to come with you letting you shop for food while you maintain your identity of skateboarder. That’s why Kre V is modeling: she actually skates! Got the message? If you want to rely on Herschel level of quality there are other patterns of this same exact bag but this one talks about you.


What’s fresh about this item is in its name: you can pack it reversing it in the inside pocket and throw it in your backpack, just in case you need extra storage. There is more: its carabineer will let you hang it on your pants.


No need to add more: head over to Blakshop and buy online all the Herschel you need. Summer is the right time for traveling on holiday and in the meantime don’t forget to ride the best.
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