Herschel Suppy Co. ● Dawson Olive Night

Let me tell you one thing: think of Herschel Suppy Co. items as cars. Is there the perfect car? No, there is the right car for the your mission. If you love to go to the mountains on a snowboarding mission then a Lamborghini isn’t your ideal car. If you work in the city and you live by yourself why should you roll with a Jeep?!

Backpacks are created with a potential target in mind, with different tasks to accomplish. Bringing your world with you for a weekend off is one thing, while having to meet a friend to discuss a Powerpoint presentation that you have on your MacBook is another and Herschel has the ideal solution for this.

Called Dawson Olive Night, this item represents the everyday backpack that you always carry around. Organized essentially with a main compartment that includes a pocket for 13″ laptop and two exterior pockets, this item on the shoulders of Marika G. is about to come with you most of the time.

Entirely lined up with the signature striped fabric, this backpack has a drawcord closure as a way to keep everything inside maximizing its capacity, keeping everything in check under the main flap.

Equipped with faux straps (that are actually magnetic closures) the peculiarity of such style is its retro appeal that in this Olive Night colorway becomes timeless.

It’s not the first time that we see a Dawson, but last time it was part of the Keith Haring capsule collection that was targeted to street art fans that love to get loud with their visual impact while this time the colorway is much more easier to match. It goes with black just like blue and if you wear a camouflage item too, you are exploiting its potential to the maximum.

The texture of the body of the backpack gives the right contrast to the flap on top but it’s that little white woven label your warranty of a superior backpack that will last in time.

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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