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Sneakers evolution took us very far from where it all started. A sneaker was a football shoe at the very beginning, around 1950. After a while it lost its nails and it became a running shoe that became an hightop when it turned into a basketball shoe. But could we imagine a situation where sneakers are diffused on such a large scale?

Sports chain stores, sneakers chainstores, core skateshops, specialty sneakers boutiques… choose your destiny but to cop a pair of decent sneakers it’s not a problem anymore. What may be a problem is to pick the right one because we are too much into what our friends wear and what we saw on that celebrity/athlete/artist. Then there is The Maxiemillion, suggesting you the right shoes depending on the situation.

The scenario is the following: you want a commuter pair of hybrid shoes, protective like a pair of boots and comfortable as your favorite sneakers. You work in an office so you can’t have a look like you are just back from the skatepark and you are looking for something that could have all these features.

Hey Dude created these Auris WL with these points in mind. Instead of using leather, you have a shoe made of wool. Its mid-top vinyl collar keeps you protected and the vinyl extends all over the lacing area, for a stronger structure.

What about comfort? Slip your feet inside and feel the pleasure of a neoprene inner bootie. This is something that is hard to put in words but let’s say that its fit is superior. If you add the ultra light Moc Vulc outsole and Flex & Fold technology you have exactly that every day wear pair of sneakers to get you going through winter.

We saw many different styles from this brand whose headquarters are in Florence already. All of them were more or less innovative but this Auris WL gives them the distance…

Shop online for this item here > https://heydudeshoes.com/collections/man/products/auris-wl-black-mat

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