Hey Dude ● Mistral grey

Lifestyle shoes are making the difference these days. There are plenty of styles that you can use in the city but Hey Dude here worked on something different. A sort of sneaker that is so breathable… to be able do the job of a sandal.

Not all of us love to take off sneakers during Summer days, but fortunately we have a solution here. The Mistral is an hybrid sneaker that you can use on the rocks by the sea or on the sand but also on a dancefloor or to ride your scooter.

Desperately in love with a life that must be funny by any means, these kicks are surprisingly light thanks to their Thermoplastic Polyurethane outsole that beside being perforated is extremely flexible.

With a weight slightly under 300 grams, I dare you to find a lighter shoe on the market that can give you the same level of confort. Another factor that contributes to this feature is its quick-drying and stretchable double-mesh sock upper but it’s the insole that steals the show.

This perforated, anatomic, poly mesh insole is something never seen before with a net structure on the top part and hexagonal holes on the bottom.

It’s not the first time that this brand based in Florence ends up on The Maxiemillion. Each and every time it shows how progression is its main focus and, considering where it comes from, it ain’t hard to understand that even style is a key factor in this design.

You know what to do now: check Hey Dude website and peep the other Mistral colorways to pick your favorite (for an un amphibious Summer).

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