Hey Dude – Ferrara Navy

I showed you quite a few of Hey Dude shoes already. Remember when it all started with the Wally? Then it was the time for the Cervino, a lovely boot indeed. More recently we explored the limits of lightness with the Wally Sox. To give justice to the potential of this Italian brand I thought it was about time to show you even something that belongs to women collection. In order to do so properly, first we shot the shoes in the hands of Veronica R. Then, since of course I couldn’t wear them, this time I relied to the reviewing skills of my photographer, Martina O better known as O’Graph. I didn’t tell her to test them, I just gave her these Ferrara Navy and today I asked her what she thought about this model. The analysis was both on function and fashion. For what concerns the first she said that these shoes have an amazing level of confort, mostly due to how lightweight they are. We are talking about 128 grams here. Let me add that the materials are very fresh: it’s an all canvas shoe that features the Flex and Fold technology and its insole is made of leather on the upper part. As far as fashion goes, this model is pretty well rounded, Martina said. She wore it with everything, from dresses to pants and she said that the result was always remarkable. Thanks for the good job my friend, I just hope that you don’t want to open your own streetwear blog now: I don’t have a photographer that can replace you. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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