“History shouldn’t be a mystery/our story’s real history not his story” (Public Enemy)

In France they would say “oh la la la la” in front of such book. Considering that my duty here is to explain you what this book actually is, I’m tempted to say the same. What is the common link among more than 600 pages, 450 color illustration and a hundred of artist, all this inside the above hardcover? Under the Upper Playground cartel there are a few sub brands. Superfishal, where Jeremy Fish makes funny animals meet with skullies, making them lose the scary aspect and letting us in inside his world of pure imagination. 12 grain is Sam Flores stomping ground. Post graffiti mixed with Asian culture and a lot of poetry. Estevan Oriol is the latin king that immortalizes all those faces of LA that we don’t see in Hollywood gossip tabloids. Fifty24 SF Gallery includes a lot of different styles and different names, being the latter the insigna of the street art gallery in SF where it all happens. Upper Playground is glad to introduce you this fine compilation that revolves around ten years of work. Let’s give a warm welcome to “Ten years of tee shirt graphics“, this book that Interjeans srl sent here. What is the work that this walrus does on his SF home turf? Astonish, stimulate and make people smile. I was fascinated from this brand since day one. They simply make quality clothing with trendsetting designs that bring back some memories of sort or make you reflect about something, as art should. Can you imagine how hard has been to pick up a few pages to show you? Every time you open this book, it takes your breath away. So my pick has been the following. Ricky Powell: I miss the good ole Public Enemy days and the energy those years had, let alone that now all the cool tees have a pic on it, better yet like in this case it’s corrosion printed (you don’t feel the print when you touch it). Mike Giant: I love the way he draws. Tattoo inspired style. It’s a pity he did the switch to Rebel 8 so no more production of him on the walrus brand lately. Last page I took a pic of is Morning Breath. This studio is the jaw dropper of all graphic designers. Their production is relevant and endless. Plus, as you can see they love Italian ice cream. No, it’s not the European division of Pharrell kicks, it’s another flavour.

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