“Hitting hard as fu*k, I make you ask what was it/boy you should have known by now, Eazy duz it” (Eazy E)

I swear I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this, but let’s go back to the beginning. You know by now how this blog works, do you?! Connections. I’m like the Method Man on “Stimulation“, I got 36 styles on my mind. 36 styles to get stuff, take pictures of it and talk about it. This one here is a Quintin fitted cap. It happens that Ale C, the distributor for our lovely Italian turf, is a regular (and a sponsor) of all Sabotage events. Sabotage, for those that don’t know, is the only night in town that makes me go out and party. I started to see these caps that he handed out to djs and to a few selected v.i.p.s and one night I started to talk to him about blogs, sales, stats and some more boring nerd digits and he told me to go check his website called Calle Marconi and see if I could spot some caps that would meet my taste. Not to brag but I’m a black belt in caps and I don’t get excited for cheesy wannabe good looking caps. It’s not the case here, I’m telling you, mate. Quintin manufactures its products in the U.S.A. and the result is very good as far as styles and concepts go. Let alone the fact that this brand sponsors Manny Santiago, one of the top street skaters in The Maxiemillion eye as far as style and attitude. What a better concept than to mix a font reminding of glam rock phenomenon called Kiss with the long gone undisputed king of gangsta rap, Eazy E. Eazy duz it is a joint that can’t be missing from your record collection or in your iPod, Eazy was hustlin’ with his clique called NWA in those days and paved the way for the carefree lifestyle related to gangsta rap made of partying, blazin’ and random sexual intercourses (that, to say it all, eventually caused his death in 1995). Needless to say that being an Eazy E fan since day one, I fell in love at first sight with this cap. So I had the chance to have Roberta Ungaro shoot the model pics with the awesome and versatile Lucilla as a model, while I’m the one that took product pictures. The level of this Eazy cap is there for you to see, the level of the pictures too, what more do you want me to do? To buy it as a gift for you?! No way: peep Calle Marconi website and get it, so you too can keep it as gangsta as it gets.

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