Hoka One One ● Sky Kaha

Do you remember the first Hoka One One I posted? That was a collaboration with Engineered Garments called Bondi B. Lightweight and vivid to a point that it becomes a magnet for attention, after I tested it I felt like I wanted to know more from this brand.

My connections at Artcrafts, the Italian distributor for Hoka gave me a thumb up so I switched from a pair of sneakers to boots. Being quite experienced in footwear, I had the pleasure to walk with almost everything on my feet so I wanted to see if I could get surprised and the answer was yes.

I slipped my feet inside these Sky Kaha and the first impression was something that we could call “lightweight protection”. I could feel a solid structure yet these trekking boots, thanks to the combination of EVA and Rangi foam in its midsole, weight 508 grams, just like a pair of sneakers.

Staying true to the ABC of trekking footwear, your shoes have to be stable without slipping on mud or wet soil and this is not a problem for this style, whose Vibram outsole with multi direction 5 mm lugs has a superior traction.

One of the main features is the presence of an eVent bootie that makes this style waterproof, a crucial aspect during Winter months. But beside the technical features its fascination comes from its upper, where waterproof full-grain leather leaves room to mesh on the tongue and on the ankle in order to let you have a comfortable walk.

To make this style ready to endure the elements and to last longer, there is a vulcanized rubber toe that contributes to the multilayered chunky sneakers aesthetics.

The devil is in the details and this Hoka style is no exception: you have six thin lines on the tongue and on the heel tab that have been made reflective for your safety or maybe… just for the fun of it.

Now it’s me giving a thumb up to this brand and you should do the same, checking Hoka One One section on Paragon Shop: would would your Christmas be without a pair of Sky Kaha?!

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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