Hub Footwear – Hackney

Let me introduce you a brand with a one of a kind perspective. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old kicks everywhere you go? Aren’t we able to tell when a sneaker is good regardless of the name brand?Let’s give a warm welcome to Hub Footwear from Holland. Born as a concept of the former professional tennis player Huub van Boeckel, he thought that no other brand on the market was matching his style so… he founded his own in 2004. With his background and his vision focused on the future he could create his ideal shoes. Hub is basically reworking minimal silhouettes with premium leather without forgetting comfort. Here in Serenella M hands we have the pleasure to see a pair of Hackney. This lifestyle model is what you may wear virtually anywhere. That ivory outsole is called HUB/24 just because of this: from the office to the tennis court to the club you will never feel out of place. The light touch of the Z stitching on the side that give an handmade feeling also feels like a bridge among suede and leather. The best feature is hidden by the way. An insole with a ventilation system called “air flow comfort orthotic system” hides inside this beautiful shoe. There is also a gel pad in the heel area to give extra comfort. In case you are wondering why the sole has that tread it is the map of The Mets tennis courts in Scheveningen, The Hague and the numbers are its geometrical longitude and latitude. Cop it on Hub website (it even has a nice price now…). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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