Huf ● 1984 Reversible Beanie

Huf is familiar with street style. How could it be any different? The Man called Keith Hufnagel, that is considered a style icon (both on a skateboard and in streetwear), grew up skating in New York. The City That Never Sleeps is a sacred terrain for the evolution of streetwear. If on the West Coast surfers paved the way to the skateboarding phenomenon that lead later on to streetwear, in New York it had a different vibe.

Influenced more by graffiti artists and early hip hop movement, beside being a worldwide center for institutional fashion, New York developed a more rugged style as a product of its environment when it comes to streetwear. Now think that the man behind this brand is an iconic bi-coastal resident and you are slowly getting the picture.

Who but Huf could have had the idea of a reversible beanie like this? An item that is able to double up like this mirrors skateboarding nature to the fullest. If one day all your tricks are landed nicely, the next day you may stress hard on a spot and go home empty handed for what concerns video footage.

With its claim “Fuck it” embroidered in gold (that we already saw recently on the Fuck it BDU pant), this beanie is already a winner.

1984 Reversible Beanie is a useful tool to tell your friends how you feel. Do you feel like the countercultural side of 90’s skateboarding is coming back at you in these days of “lifestyle turned into sport”? Wear the Fuck it side. Are you feeling alright today and you are all about a proper matched kit? Huf 1984 side may help you to do so. With its forest green and navy stripes contrasting its red embroidery you have a timeless color palette that may be useful in many different outfits. It may become all you want it to be, let’s say.

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