Huf ● Checkered Coach Jacket

Coach jackets make me smile. I am happy every time I see one because it reminds me of my carefree period where all I did was skate and hang out. I am talking around 1995, when I first saw (and bought) Slap Magazine coach jacket (that I still own). Now this style of jacket is back, judging from the number of these items in every street shop.

But this is 2017 and today we have Huf in the building! Does this name ring any bells? Do you want me to introduce you Keith Hufnagel? One of the most stylish skaters, our man grows up in New York City to move to California later on where his career, once he reached the apex, took a turn called Huf. His nickname became his brand. At first it was a sneaker shop then a little private label. Then a private label. Then one of the most interesting brands of contemporary streetwear, belonging in Italy to Blue Distribution roster.

This Checkered Coach Jacket is part of its huge range that includes both apparel and footwear. Yes, those skateboard shoes that we already had the chance to see here.


A coach jacket is a simple garment that is perfect for skating: its relaxed fit leaves you free to ollie over whatever comes on your path and keeps you protected from wind without being too heavy.

Look closely to these pictures of Marta P to figure it out: a piece like this can’t miss from your wardrobe.

Take a minute to peep Huf selection on Blakshop and I will see you too smiling in no time…

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