Huf ● Cheetara Jacket

Let’s face it: Huf is one of the most important brands in streetwear nowadays. Call it trendsetter if you feel like, but the brand whose name comes from the New York skateboarder Keith Hufnagel, speaks fluently all the urban lingos and penetrated deeply the street scene worldwide.

Huf knows what you like and the fact that there is its name on every item is a way to be closer to the man himself that makes you feel great. Not many skaters are icons on both coasts but Keith Hufnagel is. Raised on four urethane wheels in New York, he went to California later on in his career where the first Huf shop was in San Francisco. Nowadays Huf Worldwide, beside being distributed in Italy by Blue, has even stores in Japan, to stay close to a crucial area for streetwear.

Being a sharp brand it can’t lack in the item that seems to get the spotlight these days: the coach jacket. We saw already an item of this category from this brand not long ago: Huf Checkered Coach Jacket, but this one has something more.

I am not talking about the hood only, I’m talking about the way this Cheetara jacket looks. Its external layer is thin and translucent. This allows a one of a kind effect when you put it over the below layer that is printed like a cheetah fur.

It doesn’t show much, it’s not very defined but that’s the cool part actually. It creates a sort of mystery about it that… gets you curious. No detail has been left untouched on this jacket worn by Francesca G. It has flavor in every detail, from the small embroidery on the chest to the matte enamel snap buttons.

To get familiar with this great brand, go on Blakshop Huf page (and get ready to get props on your style all over the world).
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