Huf ● Dazy S/S Resort shirt

How could we end the special “Huf week” here on The Maxiemillion in the best way possible? With one of the allover print short sleeve shirts that are making a buzz around this brand!

It’s another case of those trends that simply go in a loop, in streetwear just like in conventional fashion: everything comes back, just wait and see… I mean, if we had the great return of outdoor inspired apparel these last seasons, could we wait any longer for allover print shirts?! I posted quite a few of these already (click the above shirt tab and you will see…) but this shirt has a classy impact. It is no cheap imitation of an Hawaiian shirt: this is an item that you wear to celebrate your best leisure time in the city, just like on holiday.

It makes a huge difference looking closely at how defined is the design and how the color palette blinks an eye to the current purple and pink resurgence in streetwear. This garment is no ordinary shirt: far from being formal you can wear it in several different ways. Grown ups that love to keep it clean will wear it with a good looking chino while the fresh kids on the block of course can wear it with a pair of utility pants with lots of pockets. Don’t let me go telling you how good this would look on a tattoed guy bad to the bone rocking the right denim pants…

Its craftsmanship has a secret: its rayon fabric, one of the most versatile supports when it comes to have a vivid print that will last long.

Through the whole week I showed you how this brand can have a different narrative for each one of us, keeping the original spirit of the founder alive. We started with a collaboration tee with Haze, we continued with a new tee representing one of the most successful Huf logos to end up today with this shirt.

Ready to discover more on Huf universe? All you have to do is browse Huf section on Blakshop.

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