Huf ● Digital Dream TT t-shirt

Huf has been founded by Keith Hufnagel in the name of fun, freshness and freedom. Together with an ever evolving mentality, this is what the founder stood for to the global skate community: a forward thinker with strong roots in the skate / streetwear game. Gone are the days when in order to be down with skate lifestyle all you had to listen to was punk and metal, reggae and hip hop. Blame it on the way some Englishmen changed the game adding the fun of raving to skateboarders chill moments. Not my personal cup of tea, but change is mandatory in order to evolve, no matter how much we may be nostalgic.

Now you have skaters adding house music or grime as their video soundtracks and I could not be happier to see this, in the name of freedom of expression. This lead the design team over at Huf to a variation on the TT theme. No, I’m not talking about Audi TT but rather the Triple Triangle logo that we keep on seeing in collections of this brand. I posted it when I showed you Huf Essential Triple Triangle snapback a few seasons ago, remember?

Now this logo went under an electroshocking visual remix with a neon green outline and a cute face emerging as a digital doll from your most… raving dreams.

Printed front and back, it’s the best wish for a return to events where music will return to be a moving force to get together and socialize, having a good time.

Huf is here for the second day in a row this week, as I want to stress its actual potential. It has the ability to develop back to back brilliant collaboration capsules, together with a solid range, this brand is contemporary like it ever was (showing an approach able to adapt to change).

If you embrace change and evolution then get on this wavelength by browsing Huf section on Blakshop: from Huf x Street Fighter to Huf x Kill Bill, just to name two, all the fresh collabs are there to find… You won’t believe your eyes but don’t worry: you are not dreaming.

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