Huf ● Essential Triple Triangle Snapback

Looking at this headwear piece by Huf I came to a conclusion: you can wear any shape you want, as long as it fits your head. After a few seasons of unstructured Dad Caps, after the bucket wave, that came strong to disappear later on (only to try a feeble comeback lately), after we saw how 5 panel caps never blew up and never went out the scene, it all comes back to the good ole snapback.

Do you want me to tell you the ultimate truth? Mix your headwear game! Wear one shape of cap one day and another one the day after. Nothing is more intriguing if you have a penchant for headwear. But I’m talking about headwear too much and not enough about Huf, now that I think of. The iconic figure of NYC skateboarding known as Keith Hufnagel is a man of experience that witnessed in first person several eras of skateboarding.

For this reason he wanted to stop and reflect for a minute only to come at the conclusion that nothing beats growing up skateboarding in the 90s in New York. Beside a different style of skateboarding, where obscure corners of the city are more intriguing than huge Californian set of stairs, NYC Skaters are more influenced from hip hop movement rather than their surfers friends.

This is the inspiration behind the current Spring Summer collection available in stores now and this Essential Triple Triangle Snapback is all you want it to be. No matter if you think about the three letters of Huf name, the representation of Illuminati or simply a geometrical figure: this hat on the head of Evelyn V is simply too crisp and ready to adapt to your head, only to wear a Huf 5 panel tomorrow.

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