Huf ● Fuck it BDU Pant

May we all have a trip down memory lane, cortesy of Huf? Sparked by skateboarder Keith Hufnagel vision in 2002, focusing its image on an original street aesthetics, Huf is inviting us to do so.

It may sound complicated but it truly isn’t: when skateboarders are actually involved developing apparel collections, the whole process follows a logic “by skaters for skaters”, otherwise it may look like the real thing but… it’s not.

Il signor Keith was an original during the 90s, when his crew of Newyorker friends raided Manhattan on daily basis looking for the ultimate city plaza to skate.

This means that no matter the trends, Huf proposes a 90’s style cargo pant here because its founder knows that these are the ultimate skater pants. Another thing that Huf knows is that, no matter their musical tastes, skaters love camouflage.

The colorway of this Fuck It BDU pant is inspired by the Splinter Camo family of patterns that first appeared in Germany after the 50’s, followed by Bulgaria right after. It’s a type of camo with geometric shapes and a sort of rain all over it that you will rarely see around.

Function here plays a major role: ready to endure slides on concrete when you miss the trick, this cargo pant is made of a resistant twill. In order to be ergonomic and to have a better drop, its has a double knee that sure looks great.

Its side pockets are large and await your vital objects such as wallet, keys, wax, skate tool, lighter… To have everything handy and no backpack on your shoulders is a great feeling when you cruise around.

Two features make this the ultimate pant. The first is its adjustable cinch at ankle cuffs. No matter if it’s for your look or to just feel better, this is a great alternative to jogger type of cuffs. Last but so not least that “Fuck it” embroidered on the interior fly in a bright shade of neon yellow, can’t be beat.
Huf range has plenty more to offer, give it a look on Blakshop (and don’t say …fuck it!).

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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