Huf ● Info Warfare Coaches Jacket

Keith Hufnagel brand is always creating exciting collaboration capsule collections, from Pulp Fiction to the most recent recent signed by Phil Frost but another item from this season got my attention. I was born in an era where racial and social issues were told through conscious rap, a genre that it is not so popular anymore, but included from Public Enemy to The Coup, from Paris to NWA. These revolutionary cliques had a delicate task in their raps: to inform the man from the street, becoming as Public Enemy themselves defined such phenomenon, “the Black CNN”.

No other unit had a strong iconography like the Black Panther Party, the inspiration that made this whole movement start. From the red, black and green flag to the logo of the panther, such party had a strong cultural influence on suburban black people that needed something that they could hold on to, in order to live a decent and respectable life.

Huf pays a tribute to this political organization whose revolutionary appeal still deserves to be seen to this very day. That’s why the design department created this Info Warfare Coaches Jacket, an item made of twill that looks louder than a bomb when you include it in your outfit. Who but Huf could give such a radical twist to an essential item in streetwear?!

With the attention to detail that this brand got you used to, here Huf carries on tradition, with custom press buttons and satin lining, beside a cord at the hem in case you have to deal with windy weather.

The potential of this item is major: think how you could wear it to roam through the city streets with your skateboard, rather than wear it on daily basis to go to the studio.

Such garment is a classic therefor think of it like something that doesn’t get old, just like the political message that it represents, that you can keep on wearing season after season. Fight the power, but… do it with style.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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