Huf ● Marathon Track Pant

Our Week of Pant is getting hotter and hotter, considering that today we are at the fourth item and to keep up the level of this operation I chose Huf. We won’t focus on an item fresh off its Huf x Pulp Fiction collab that just dropped but rather on a track pant that truly has something appealing that I did not see before.

A few seasons ago (probably four) we saw the retro sportswear trend of branded tape on sleeves and on sides of track pants that gave birth to one of those fever that in no time had everybody and his cousins producing the same type of pants. After all this time it all looks like deja vu in a certain way, but the retro sportswear touch is not over yet so Huf wanted to give a personal twist to such trend.

Add to this another trend called “reflective”, that is in full bloom these days, and this Marathon Track Pant will leave no survivors in any style war. Printed with reflective paint and covered by a net, the side of this pant shows a high level of inspiration.

The net element is not new to the collection of this brand. Not long ago I showed you pictures of Wire Frame 2.0 Anorak that had a net panel covering its hand pockets with an undeniable progressive result. The outcome is that its potential is huge. I suggest you not to wear the two items together but they both look on point.

A nylon pant like this is the perfect complement of a urban outfit where you can mix a little bit of everything and nothing would be out of place. Sherpa jacket? You are welcome! Puffy goose jacket? Absolutely! Coach jacket? Why not!? An item like this confirms that even if skateboarding is still the core business of Keith Hufnagel brand, even non-skaters are actually able to exploit such item to its full potential.

Cop this gem without thinking twice on Huf section on Blakshop, you won’t regret it. See you tomorrow here to wrap the Week of Pants up.

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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